“Pilates and Fascial Movement has transformed not only the way I think about running but it has changed the way I run making me more fluid and stable. I would not be able to cover the distances I do, at my fastest pace and be injury free without it”

Mark Innocenti – England Athletics – Ultra Runner

This course is all about bringing a spring to your stride and fluidity to your body so you use less energy to run and decrease your chances of being injured. Ready to spring?
- Find more spring in your step
- Injure Less
- Conserve more energy
- Protect your joints
- Decrease fatigue
- Increase recovery
- Feel flipping amazing
- Sleep better
Classes will be held on Tuesdays 7:30-8:15pm LIVE on Zoom over 6 weeks.
6th June
13th June
20th June
27th June
4th July
11th July