Exercising, and specifically Pilates at home, has never been so accessible and easy to do. Whether you are a beginner to Pilates or a pro, you can find workouts that you can do in the comfort of your own home and even do it in front of the telly.

Pilates for Beginners at Home

Doing Pilates exercises for beginners at home is easy to do at the click of a button and all you need is your mat and your body. If you are a beginner to Pilates, then the Men Do Pilates Beginner Pilates Programme is just for you. 

An online pilates class

Our online pilates classes are a 4 week programme with 3 short workouts per week with a class at the end which incorporates all you have learnt during the programme. 

You will learn how to find good alignment, how to engage your core and how to find core stability whilst learning all the key Pilates exercises, which target the entire body. If you are worried about not doing it correctly, then don’t. As many of us move to pilates online due to covid, we have to rely on our mind-body connection far more than if a teacher was there keeping a watchful eye and correcting you. 

This scenario is perfect for you as you will progress far quicker and be more conscious of your alignment rather than relying on the teacher to hold your hand throughout the lesson. And if you are still concerned, then during the videos you will receive expert tuition on what you should be feeling and where. You can even hop on an Online Zoom Pilates Class with Anaya where you will be guided and given helpful corrections. 

This class is free to members.

Advanced Pilates at Home

Once you have completed your Beginner Pilates Programme then you can proceed to the other programme or tutorials such as the Intermediate Pilates and Advanced Pilates Programmes

These programmes focus on adding more load and complexity to the exercise and therefore challenging you more. 

Pilates at home for Rehab

If you are in rehab, then as long as you’ve had sign off to exercise from your medical adviser then Pilates is an excellent complement to rehab. Often Pilates is prescribed by medical professionals time and time again because it works.The Men Do Pilates Back Programme has the best exercises to help you towards having a stronger and more resilient back to support you in everyday life and in the activities you do. 

Go check it out.