Men Do Pilates is a subscription based online Pilates community specifically for men.

Men Do Pilates gets straight to the point, targeting areas of your body where you struggle for mobility and strength. It counterbalances the stress of your day sitting at a desk being inactive to suddenly adding excess load and potentially injury on the weekends where you go off to the gym; play a round of golf; jump on your bike; set off on a run; or have a kick around with your mates.



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Anaya - Pilates Instructor - Men Do Pilates

Your Pilates Teacher

I’m Anaya, your principal Pilates Teacher. I’ve been teaching Pilates for 15 years but practising Pilates for over 20 years since being told to do so by my back surgeon.

In my role as Head of Medical Services I integrate Pilates as part of my athletes physical management plan. Pilates can benefit everyone and I would advocate this to all. Having observed Anaya delivering both individual and group Pilates Sessions, I can strongly recommend her services. Anaya has an easy coaching style, excellent anatomical knowledge and a track record for helping clients.

Paul Khoury, Head of Medical Services Durham Cricket


I played every sport I could but my main sport was cricket, playing for Sussex Women’s County Cricket Team and in the Junior England Squad. Unfortunately a serious back injury prevented me from continuing and I lost my confidence in participating in sports.

By my late teens and early 20’s, my back became really painful again and I thought that a spinal fusion was my only option.

Thankfully a back surgeon told me to try Pilates…

I was in pain because I wasn’t moving, I was protecting my back – the irony! I needed to strengthen and recondition my body. It needed an MOT!


I started practising pilates and was amazed by the results. In 2007 I qualified as a Pilates Teacher with Body Control Pilates – Europe’s largest training organisation. My injury and interest in sports led me to teach Elite Athletes and everyday men. I’m proud to have worked with Sussex Men’s Cricket Team, professional sportsmen such as England Cricketers Joffra Archer, James Taylor, Luke Wright, Laurie Evans; ex professional footballer Glenn Murray; ex England 7’s Rugby Captain Ollie Phillips and elite runner Mark Innocenti.


My personal experience has driven my passion for learning, furthering my knowledge in biomechanics, rehab, injury prevention and even attending human dissections courses! I have worked closely with physios, enabling me to learn hands-on. I have a keen interest in the interconnectedness of the body and how tension in one part of your body can create pain in another area. In 2018 I specialised in a fascia focussed movement method called Slings with Art of Motion Academy (AOM). I am also proud to have been part of the Educator Trainee programme for AOM, passing extensive anatomy exams with Karin Gurtner the founder of AOM and world renowned Osteopath Tom Myers of Anatomy Trains.