How Free Pilates Videos Could Help You

As a beginner to Pilates it can be daunting knowing where to start. There is an abundance of information out there with many different ways of starting Pilates from at home workouts to online classes.  At Men Do Pilates we want to make learning Pilates simple and easy without leaving your home. This is why we have given you free Beginner Pilates videos that are short, easy to follow, and straight to the point with expert tuition. There is even a male model who performs the exercises in real time with you whilst the teacher instructs so you are supported and clearly instructed every step of the way. Each exercise is taught in varying angles so you get a different perspective and can learn effectively.

You are taught what is and isn’t required of you during the videos therefore you will feel confident that you are doing the exercises correctly. The best thing of all is that the beginner pilates videos can be paused and repeated so you can take your time and learn the exercises in your own time in the comfort of your own home. 

In the Free Pilates Video for Beginners you will be guided step by step learning:

  • How to engage your core and what muscles you are using to engage your core
  • How to align your spine and move your spine in multidimensional ways
  • How to align your limbs and how to move your limbs in multiple ways
  • How to find good posture and align your body from head to toes
  • How to bring better awareness to your body and identify where tension lies.

Click here to see your Free Pilates Video for Beginners. And click  Pilates for Beginners for a detailed description of exercises you will cover.

Read what our Member says about our videos.

I have done Pilates in the past so I know the benefits but I used to find classes a real drag. Men For Pilates solves all these issues for me. No travelling so can easily fit it into my day, nice short lessons that don’t drag and also very specific programmes to follow that are addressing exactly the issues I need. Anaya is excellent at describing what is happening during the sessions and what you are expected to do.


We have designed for you a 4 week Beginner Pilates Programme with 3 videos to do each week that progresses you to more intermediate exercises and culminates with a class at the end of the programme to consolidate.

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All in all Beginner Pilates videos will help you to:

  • Decrease pain and tension
  • Increase core strength
  • Improve posture
  • Increase overall strength, mobility and flexibility.
  • Decrease stress
Pilates Exercises for Core
Pilates Exercises for Core
Pilates Exercises for Core