The best kept secret of elite runners is ‘Spring and Efficiency’ – Now you can access these with Pilates.

We know you will love our programme as much as England Ultra Runner Mark Innocenti, so we have given you a free 30 minute Hip Mobility session. Enjoy!

“Pilates and Fascial Movement has transformed not only they way I think about running but it has changed the way I run making me more fluid and stable. I would not be able to cover the distances I do, at my fastest pace and be injury free without it”

Mark Innocenti – England Athletics – Ultra Runner

Why Pilates improves your running…

  • You’ll move more efficiently and run faster
  • Unlock your spring potential
  • Aid your recovery and prevent injury

Elite runners love Pilates and Fascial movement because it enables an elastic capacity which helps conserve energy and add spring to your step. And the best thing of all is that this elasticity can be trained and you don’t need to be an elite runner to access it.

Ever wondered why elite runners look so graceful and composed when they run at extraordinary speeds, whilst us mere mortals are huffing and puffing trying to crawl our way to the finish line. The answer is that elite runners know how to unlock their fascial potential, and no it’s not something to do with your face!

What is a Fascia and Fascial movement?

Our fascia (pronounced fash-sha) is our communication system of connective tissue which intertwines and surrounds our muscles and includes tendons, ligaments and the thin membranes surrounding our organs

Fascia has many attributes – the main ones for runners are its tensile strength to give stability; elastic spring to conserve energy; and shock absorbing and force distribution to lessen injury and repetitive strain

The benefits of Pilates and Fascial Movement for runners

  • Move like an elite athlete – Fascia gives you that spring in your step and enables you to fluidly move like an elite athlete
  • Unlock your fascial potential – Through bouncing, gliding, rhythmic and self massage movements on the mat you can train this superhero organ and unlock your fascial potential
  • Aid your recovery – Training your fascia and doing Pilates can lessen the chances of injury, enable you to have more endurance and lessen aches and pains aiding your recovery

The benefits of Pilates and fascial movement for runners is immense and our Running Programme will guide you through all the exercises that you need to learn in an easy to follow format.