Whether you are a weekend warrior or a pro athlete, you have come to the right place. Pilates is a great workout for athletes and can provide:

  • Exercises for runners
  • Exercises for athletes
  • Exercises for cyclists
  • Exercises for golf swing

Read on to find out why you should be doing Pilates to support your performance, prevent injuries and keep you active doing what you love.

Where it all began

Having had a background in sport and suffering from a serious back injury and subsequent disc surgery, Anaya knows what toll the body takes when you are regularly loading it repetitively through sport. She was never given any real post-op support back then so her back pain continued.

The surgery was half the story. Some years later, she was then told by a back surgeon to have a spinal fusion or do Pilates. You obviously know what choice she made.

Since starting Pilates Anaya has never regressed to the shooting nerve pain down her leg and her body is now stronger, stable and more able to cope with the demands she puts on it through gym, running, skiing and being active with her kids.

The medical profession now recognise Pilates as a go to discipline to aid rehab, performance recovery, injury prevention and most importantly support longevity in sport. If Anaya was exposed to Pilates at a young age, she believes she would not have injured myself. This is why she developed the Pilates for Performance section of the Men Do Pilates Online Platform and why it is a highly important part of her work and close to her heart.

“In my role as Head of Medical Services I integrate Pilates as part of my athletes physical management plan. Pilates can benefit everyone and I would advocate this to all. Having observed Anaya delivering both individual and group Pilates Sessions, I can strongly recommend her services. Anaya has an easy coaching style, excellent anatomical knowledge and a track record for helping clients.” Paul Khoury – Head of Medical Services Durham Cricket

She works with Cricketers, Rugby Players, Footballers, Elite Runners, Cyclists, Golfers and Gym enthusiasts so have an excellent understanding of the load, injuries and the biomechanics. The On Demand Platform has brilliant Pilates workouts to aid in not only your performance in multi disciplined sport but also specific programmes for individual sports.