Suffer from back pain? Then Pilates is for you

Your spine needs to be kept mobile – Pilates delivers rehabilitation and protection for your back through a full body workout with the emphasis on alignment, breath, core, coordination, stamina, relaxation, concentration, and flowing movements.

A high percentage of back pain sufferers don’t move or exercise enough to avoid causing more pain which unintentionally creates a vicious cycle of long-term back pain – it’s time for you to break the cycle.

3 million people in the UK are estimated to be taking long-term sick leave or say they are unable to work due to back pain

Nuffield Health – HR Review

Pilates alleviates back pain and it’s a tried and tested method endorsed by back surgeons.

Days lost to sickness or injury at work can often be avoided by simply keeping active and doing the right exercise

Movement is undoubtedly the best medicine for your mind, body and soul and is the best preventative tool to protect your back.

Sitting behind a desk and daily long commutes to and from work can often have lasting affects on your posture and are a major cause of back pain. With Pilates you can do something about it. For example, we’ve designed a series of exercises you can actually do whilst sitting at your desk. Here’s our free short workout for your Neck & Shoulders.