• The Men Do Pilates kit has been finely selected for you by Anaya.  The kit will enhance your Pilates experience, helping you to strengthen, stabilise and mobilise your body in the ultimate MOT practice. All the items conveniently fit into a bag, which means you can just chuck it into your suitcase for your travels and not neglect your body.
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    Hand selected - tried and tested by Anaya. Soft Spikey Ball (9-10cm - PVC) The soft Spiky massage ball is softer than the grey spiky massage balls and is perfect to ease tension away in areas that are more fascially sensitive such as the back of your head, in between the shoulder blades, on the breast bone and down the sides of your ITB. In addition to this, everybody is different so having the option of a softer ball gives you choice allowing you to melt over the ball. When working with your fascia (connective tissue which signals the aches and pains you feel) you want to be able to melt and yield, not fight against the massage object. That's why a foam roller is not often your friend when it comes to massage. This ball comes in red or yellow.
  • Hand selected - tried and tested by Anaya. Pilates Resistance Band (2 metres, medium strength, latex) Add some resistance work to your Pilates exercises with this band. Excellent if you are rehabbing a shoulder injury such as an impingement and need to strengthen your rotator cuff muscles. It can also assist you in chest/pec stretches and strengthen mid back muscles which counteracts a stooped posture. Pop it under your feet and add resistance work to your squats to help strengthen your glutes and hamstrings.
  • Hand selected - tried and tested by Anaya. 1 x Cork Pilates Block (10cms x 15cms x 20cms) Why suffer sitting uncomfortably on the floor when you can sit on this eco friendly cork block. The height of the block allows elevation of your bottom off the floor, which helps you to align your spine in a better position. The block can also be used as a prop when doing kneeling hamstring stretches and seated back stretches.
  • Hand selected - tried and tested by Anaya. 1 x Soft Stability Ball (25cm - PVC) This is a super versatile piece of equipment. Great for assisting you in curl ups/sit-ups by placing the ball under your upper back. You can use it to make your core stability work even more challenging by resting your pelvis on it and adding leg movements. You can use it to make your core stability work even more challenging by resting your pelvis on it and adding leg movements (remember if you do this watch out for gripping in your lower back. You might need to adjust how low your leg goes). The ball can also be placed between your legs to work your inner thighs. Please note that the ball shouldn't be fully inflated. It needs to have a sag in it to allow air displacement if you are resting your weight on it. It is not suitable to stand on for instance and have your full body weight on it but will hold your weight if your pelvis is rested on it or your upper back.
  • Hand selected - tried and tested by Anaya,. Soft Spikey Massage Ball (9cm - PVC) Perfect for easing away tension from those tight/stuck areas in your body and increasing your flexibility. It's awesome for a thigh massage on your quads, hamstrings, ITB and glutes. And it can also be used to relieve upper back tension by lying on the balls rolling up and down on them or even place one under your head to ease away the stress of your day. If you get tight feet, roll the ball under your feet to aid fluidity and stimulate millions of your sensory receptors. Watch out as it can be quite intense when you first use them but the tension relief is amazing afterwards. Can be inflated and deflated to suit your needs.


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