How to avoid quitting your new year, new me resolution and make your goal S.M.A.R.T!

International Quitters Day is on Friday 14th January 2022. New Year is an excellent time to formulate goals. It’s the start of the year where we can look forward with a positive outlook and shed the negative rubbish from the past year. And let’s face it, there is a lot of rubbish to shed from 2021. Fitness and health comes at the top of people’s resolutions year after year. However, why do so many of us fail to meet our goals? It isn’t a lack of enthusiasm or will power surely. Perhaps we are setting ourselves up for failure? Perhaps we need to get SMART. Anaya Grover – Pilates for Performance and Functional Training Specialist, and founder of Men Do Pilates tells us how to get SMART.

Whether you want to start a new exercise regime such as Pilates or learn the play an instrument, goals need to be SMART

Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Timely 

  • Specific – ‘I want to increase my strength and stamina to run 10km in 50 minutes and will achieve it in 6 months by running 3 x a week, timing every run’. This is a specific goal. Not ‘I want to take up running’ . Vague goals are easy to break because they are too loose, lack a plan and aren’t SMART.  Plan how you are going to achieve your specific goal and spend time doing it because your plan will see you through to the finish line. Do you need a buddy to support you, do you need to join a gym or a pilates class to aid your training, when can you schedule your runs?
  • Measurable – Every week I will aim to increase my run by xx distance and xx speed and I will write my progress on a chart that I can see. This gives you impetus, accountability and reminds you of your goal.
  • Achievable – Your goal needs to be achievable and attainable. Have you set your sights too high to run 10km in 50 mins? Or is it too easy? An easy goal has no challenge to it. You need to feel that you have a 50% chance of achieving it so that you are hungry for it and it remains a challenge. 
  • Realistic – Can you actually fit in running twice a week? And if not, can you prioritise running over another activity? Do you need to factor in other activities that can support your training such as a Pilates class to help prevent injuries and keep you fine tuned.
  • Timely – Is 6 months too long? Perhaps you need a shorter deadline such as 3 months? Remember the 50% achievable rate.

Here are some more tips that Anaya uses with her clients to give them that extra motivation when the days are dark and you just can’t be bothered.

  • Be consistent and you will see results so if you’re feeling tired and can’t be bothered then just remind yourself that achieving 20 minutes of movement today is better than none.
  • Set reminders in your calendar to do your exercises. First thing in the morning is always best as you can get it out of the way but equally when you are relaxing in front of the TV is ok too. Do a few stretches whilst you’re watching your favourite programme.
  • Have your Pilates kit somewhere visible so you can see it to prompt you to get on your mat. If your mat is visible you are more likely to use it than if it’s stored away in a  cupboard. 

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