Hip flexor stretches

Ok, it’s time to talk about Hip Flexor stretches

Do you experience:

  • long periods of sitting for work
  • a numb or sore bottom
  • lower back pain
  • cramp or tightening in your quads or hip flexors
  • tightness around the hips?
  • even overtly rounded tense shoulders?

It sounds as if your hip flexors are tight.

Tight hip flexors can be a sign that certain other muscles are not pulling their weight in everyday movements such as climbing the stairs, standing up or going for a run or walk.

Possible muscles affected are:

  • glutes
  • core (abs, obliques, diaphragm)
  • pelvic floor
  • muscles deep in our hips (11 of them in fact)
  • hamstrings and quads

Surprising huh? Unfortunately just doing hip flexor stretches isn’t enough to make them flexible, moving dynamically is the best way to strengthen and stretch the body, sometimes a tight muscle is just one that needs strengthening. Who would have thought?

Each of the muscles in your body complements the others, if they’re out of sync it’s tricky to get them working together properly. This is the body’s connected facial system. The body is one interconnected biological system of cause and effect.

Dynamic movement, that’s practiced in Pilates, helps you to train the right muscles, in the right way. You’ll walk with more ease and less effort in a more balanced and in-tune body. Add an incredible CORE workout you have a win win situation.

Pilates also teaches you how to breathe properly.

If you are feeling stressed? Releasing tight muscles like your hip flexors through focused breath work could be the stress reliever you’ve been missing. One of your hip flexors – the Psoas directly communicates with your diaphragm.

Where can I start?

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